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This is an image of Kevin Sayles, author of Top Selling Amazon Real Estate book Probate Real Estate Sales 101, and 20 year Los Angeles area Title Representive.

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Kevin Sayles' Probate Real Estate Sales 101 Fans are Saying...

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Bobby Johnson

Sabina Franklin

Shaun Phillips

Tony Usher

Tom Lind

Michael Williams

Carlos Garcia

Andrea Shink

Roman Mena

Lorin Ruttenberg

Bob Watkins

Silvana Sarkis

Jassen Sanchez

Dino Buiatti

Sheri Carriere

Sondra Quiroz

Issa Ludlow

Jacqueline Ho

Elliot Bradley

Joyce Stacy

"Thank you Kevin for writing this book..."

"Thank you Kevin for writing this book and bringing this training and information to real estate agents. It is clear that you have “real life experience” undertaking the tasks involved for a smooth and successful transaction, not just in real estate, but more specifically in probate.

With the regulations that continue to be imposed on us, it becomes a more complicated process requiring us to either know what the new regulations are, as well as the process involved or look to professionals like you that can guide us through. The training and information you provide has been presented in a clear, logical and effective manner.

I would recommend this book to anybody that is or may be involved with probate now or anticipates it in the future, whether it is a real estate agent or otherwise. It’s an unfortunate time in anybody’s life when they’re dealing with this, but being prepared with the information in this book will provide them with the knowledge and understanding they need for a “smooth and successful probate transaction”.

Carrie McCullough
Maria Solis

"Kevin is very dedicated to his work…"

"We have increased our volume in production...Kevin is very dedicated to his work and making sure that every client is fully satisfied."

"I would highly recommend your service to anyone..."

“From probate to creative deal structuring your knowledge, experience and professionalism make you my GO TO guy on every real estate transaction! I would highly recommend your service to anyone seeking only the best.”

Terriel Charlebois
Krystal Adams

"Kevin is definitely part of (the) team."

“Here at KS Real Estate we have built a team and Kevin is definitely part of that team.”

"Kevin is the best!"

“Kevin is the best .”

Erin Evans
Marty Yeghishian

"Kevin has increased our business…"

”...which obviously has impacted our overall income…I would recommend Kevin Sayles to any of my friends and realtors...

"Kevin has made me more knowledgeable..."

“Kevin has made me more knowledgeable and therefore I look good to my clients .”

Caren Jefferson
Abe Singletary

"You have taken it to another level."

– "I read the materials that I purchased...Dynamite! I've been to the other trainers...and this was awesome! What you wrote in this booklet gave me more real estate marketing insight and knowledge than I've seen in the last 3 years. I have probate knowledge already, but you have taken it to another level".

"It is very informative and straight to the point....a concise book!"

"I had the pleasure of reading your book over the holiday weekend. It is very informative and straight to the point. Thank you for writing such a concise book!"

Michelle Colbert
Beverly Tagger

“Kevin has been a ‘life saver' for me and my business…."

“Kevin has been a ‘life saver' for me and my business…Kevin has been able to answer the questions for me…I feel confident in referring Kevin to anyone that has any type of real estate needs.”

"It is very informative and straight to the point....a concise book!"

"Hey Kevin,
The seminar was beyond great - it was fantastic! You presented information I never heard before. I’m looking forward to receiving the MP3 Version. I’ve already reviewed the materials I purchased and I am implementing some things right now."

Shelley Johnson

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