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Real Estate Realtors: Discover why you should become a Probate Agent and make probate real estate your marketing niche.

Real Estate Agents Must Have a Niche!

Don't have a real estate niche yet?

Online Resources are Reducing the Need for Real Estate Agents

Are You Prepared?

Get into the probate niche and become a Probate Real Estate Realtor today! 

Online Resources Compete Against Agents!

Online real estate resources are making it easier for home buyers to find homes for sale without using an agent.

Heirs want a fast, cash sale.

No commissions.

Buyers and Sellers Who Find Each Other Online Will Not Need To Pay Agents

When a buyer and seller can find each other, why will they want to spend 6% more on an agent?

Probate Specialists Are Becoming More Relevant

Probate cases will ALWAYS require specialized skill and knowledge.

There are numerous ways to make money in addition to buying the house.

Learn 7 Ways to Make Money in Probate Real Estate.

Don't Lose Your Relevance

Lesser trained agents will require YOUR specialized skills to close their probate transactions.

Marty Yeghishian

Kevin has increased our business…

”...which obviously has impacted our overall income…I would recommend Kevin Sayles to any of my friends and realtors...

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