Probate Real Estate Sales 101 System

The Most Comprehensive Probate Real Estate Sales and Marketing Training in the Nation!

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Are you an investor who is interested in learning about Probate Real Estate Sales?

Are you a real estate agent that wants to develop a steady stream of real estate listings in your business?

Do you want to take advantage of the Trillions of dollars of property passing through the probate courts?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you must get the Probate Real Estate Sales 101 System and learn the probate real estate sales system to learn how to pluck these gems from the court system. This system is the most complete guide to probate real estate profits on the market!  You will obtain a thorough understanding of:

  • How to find probate properties and unpublished real estate gems
  • Secret ways to obtain probate transactions that others don’t know about
  • How to close the probate transaction
  • Working with attorneys to generate residual profits
  • Covert money making tips that investors cherish
  • A Start-to-finish system to help you start a probate real estate business or launch it to the next level

The author of this system, is a 20+ year industry veteran and has closed well over 15,000 transactions as a closing agent representing title companies in the busiest real estate market in the nation. His vast hands-on experience comes through in the pages of this material.

Many people don’t realize that the probate market in North America is estimated to be trillions of dollars worth of property that must change hands. The greatest transfer of wealth in North American history is occurring right now. Don’t be left out. Don’t let others take advantage of this opportunity while you miss the boat!

This system includes:

The PRES 101 System – $1,000

This is the training manual with over 160 pages of in-depth training on the Probate Real Estate Sales 101 System, the probate process, marketing techniques, case studies, best practices, and much more!

PRES 101 Quick Start Guide – $100 value

Are you the type that doesn’t ever read the owner’s manual? Well, that’s no problem! This guide is a quick primer to help you launch your probate real estate business and see results in less than 30 days, guaranteed!  There are 5 simple steps to start your business off right.  You should be up an running within a few hours. ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS!

Finding Estate Representatives and Heirs – $25 value

This short report provides numerous sources that can assist you in finding heirs, beneficiaries and estate representatives.  It is an absolutely invaluable resource in helping you achieve a closing on those difficult estates!

How to Obtain Leads – $25 value

This special report is the best bonus your money could buy!  In just a few short pages, we break down how to get leads right now!  Follow the quick information shared in this report and you will have leads instantly and your first transaction within 5 days…guaranteed!

Probate Marketing Piece Creator – $100 value

The purpose of your marketing piece is to establish you as a professional in this section of real estate if you plan to provide written materials to prospects.  Isn’t it better when things are just done for you?  That’s why we created this guide.  This guide will help you receive instant credibility from your marketing piece and establish you as a professional.

Creating Rapport with Attorneys – $149

This guide is your means to establish rock solid, dependable relationships that may pay you for the rest of your career. It will teach you how to obtain transactions from the attorneys and other organizations involved with probate.

Prospecting Guide and Scripts – $49

Excellent for both in-person interactions and by telephone, this guide should be on every agent and investor’s desk!

Probate Marketing Campaigns – $79

So many people starting out marketing in probate real estate have asked “What should I send to the prospect?” or “What is the best way to contact them” or “What should I send to them?” We’ve answered all of these questions and more in Probate Marketing Campaigns. Do you want your marketing done for you instantly? Well here it is!

10 Top Marketing Techniques – $29

This amazing audio highlights the 10 top marketing techniques to launch your probate real estate business to the next level.  Listen at home, at the office or on the go to take your game to the next level.

Marketing to Estate Representatives – $89

Probate is one of the fastest growing segments of the residential real estate market. Once you have learned the process, it is time to make the “rubber hit the road”! Marketing to Estate Representatives is the “How-To” book on getting transactions from estates that are selling real property. This guide will teach you how to obtain transactions from the estate.

30 Days Unlimited Webinar Access – up to $140 value

Free Ticket to Half-Day Live Seminar – $49 – $89 value

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